Fine Art Painting


All of the work on the website is for sale. The paintings are framed. Limited edition Giclee (fine art) prints are made of each of the paintings and range in price from £15 to £80. Prints and drawings are mounted (high quality acid free mount board), sellowrapped and come with a signed certificate of authenticity. Go to the ‘Prints’ page to view. Use the form on the Contact Page for orders and enquiries.

This site does not yet have an on-line payment facility. Please contact me with any enquiries.

Paintings For Sale

'Viridian Doll' 72dpi

‘Viridian Doll’ oil paint on canvas

30cm x 30cm £700


'Funny Women'

‘Funny Women’ oil paint on canvas

61cm x 81cm £1,000



‘Leaving’ oil paint on MDF

14cm x 20.5cm £400


‘Choices’ oil paint on MDF

11cm x 14cm £400


'Fairground Booty' moiragillbrook

‘Fairground Booty’ oil paint on canvas

30cm x 30cm £700


'Number 4'

‘Number Four’ oil paint on canvas

60.5cm x 80.5cm £1,000


'Another Game?'

‘Another Game?’ oil paint on canvas 48cm x 104cm £1,200


'Disney Dolly'

‘Disney Dolly’ oil paint on canvas 51cm x 61cm £1,000

'When Your Face Wore Its Natural Expression' 72dpi

‘When Your Face Wore Its Natural Expression’ oil paint on oak block (approx 22cm x 16cm) £550



'On The Shortness of Life' 72dpi

‘On The Shortness of Life’ oil paint on canvas 13.3cm x 50.5cm £550

'Me' 72dpi

Me’ oil paint on MDF (approx 23cm x 30cm) £600

'Masks' 72dpi

‘Masks’ oil paint on oak block (approx 15cm x 13cm) £550


'BadRabbits' 72dpi

‘Bad Haughty-taughty Rabbits had Forty Naughty Habits’ oil paint on MDF (approx 18cm x 43cm) £700


WEBSLShell of my Heart

‘Shell of my Heart’ oil paint on hardboard (approx 30cm x 30cm) £300



WEBDOLLHumpty Dumpty

‘Humpty Dumpty’ oil paint on oak block (approx 14cm x 17cm) £550



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