Fine Art Painting


I make a Limited Edition of 25 high quality Giclee prints of most paintings. They are mounted in Antique White acid-free mount card (front and back) and sello-wrapped to keep them dust and dirt free until you decide on your frame. Each one is signed with the edition number and has its own signed certificate of authentication.

N.B. The (sometimes) massive and annoying copyright signatures do not appear on the Giclee prints.

All of the paintings on this site have prints made of them – just ask. Email me:

  • Intrigue
  • Dolls
  • Still Life & Landscape
  • People


Intrigue Series

'Clown School' 72dpi

‘Clown School’ image size: 26cm x 16cm; size incl mount: 40cm x 30cm £45

‘Professor Filibuster’s Joey the Clown’ image size: 16cm x 12.5cm; size incl. mount: 31cm x 29.3cm £40

'A Carnival of Folly' 72dpi

‘A Carnival of Folly’ image size: 7cm x 9.1cm; size incl. mount: 21cm x 23.1cm £30


'The Speechless and the Spoken' 72dpi

‘The Speechless & the Spoken’ image size: 7.5cm x 9.5cm; size incl. mount: 22cm x 25cm £30


'Chicken on a Chain' 72dpi

‘Chicken on a Chain’ image size: 10cm x 16cm; size incl. mount: 25cm x 32cm £30


'Another Game' 72dpi

‘Another Game?’ image size: 10cm x 15.7cm; size incl. mount: 25cm x 31.7cm £30


‘Welcome To My World’ image size: 10cm x 22.7cm ; size incl. mount: 25.2 x 38.8cm £27



'The Restless Energy of a Haunted Mind' 72dpi

‘The Restless Energy of a Haunted Mind’ £30


'On The Shortness of Life' 72dpi

‘On The Shortness of Life’ £30


‘Professor Filibuster’s Punch & Judy’ image size: 14.4cm x 14.5cm; size incl. mount: 29.7cm x 31.2cm £40


‘Neville Tranter’s Schicklgruber’ image size £40


‘The Whole Future Lies in Uncertainty – Live Immediately’ image size:TBC £37

‘Scarecrow in a Dress’ £35


'MerryGoRound' 72dpi

‘MerryGoRound’ £40


'The Devil's Wife' 72dpi

‘The Devil’s Wife’ image size: 20cm x 21.6cm; size incl. mount: 35cm x 38.5cm £50

'Every Day is a School Day' 72dpi

‘Every Day is a School Day’ image size: 7cm x 7.9cm; size incl. mount: 21cm x 21.9cm £30


'Envy II' 72dpi

‘Envy II’ £45



‘”Happy Birthday” Enthused Howard & Sylvester’ £35


'High Street Haute Couture' 72dpi

‘High Street Haute Couture’ image size: 12.7cm x 19.5cm; size incl. mount: 26.7cm x 33.5cm £35

'Helter-shelter' 72dpi

‘Helter Shelter’ image size: 9.7cm x 14.9cm; size incl. mount: 23.4cm x 30.9cm £35



Dolls Series

'Antique Doll in White' 72dpi

‘Antique Doll in White’ image size: 8.9cm x 13.7cm; size incl. mount: 26cm x 32.5cm £35


'The Red Dress' 72dpi

‘The Red Dress’ image size: 11cm x 13cm; size incl. mount: 27cm x 30cm £35

'The Conspirators' 72dpi

‘The Conspirators’ £50


'Sitting Scarecrow' 72dpi

‘Sitting Scarecrow’ £45

'Scary Boy Clown' 72dpi

‘Scary Boy Clown’ £30


WEBPUPWhats in a Box

‘What’s in a Box?’ £30


WEBDOLLRussian Doll

‘Russian Doll’ £35



‘Disney Dolly’ £35

WEBDOLLPeruvian Woollen Doll

‘Peruvian Woollen Doll’ £35


WEBDOLLHumpty Dumpty

‘Humpty Dumpty’ £40


WEBDOLLDeath Rattle

‘The Inevitability of Death and the Consequent Futility of All Human Ambition’ £50



‘Darth Wool’ £35


WEBPUPPelhams Rupert

‘Pelham’s Rupert’ £35



‘Hanging III’ £35


WEBDOLLYellow Teddy

‘Yellow Teddy’ £40


WEBDOLLOriental Doll

‘Oriental Doll’ £35


WEBSLFidel and Che

‘Fidel and Che’ £30


'A Memory Of Ellie's Mother' 72dpi

‘A Memory Of Ellie’s Mother’ £35


'Xmas Fairy' 72dpi

‘Xmas Fairy’ £35


'Yellow Flower Fairy' 72dpi

‘Yellow Flower Fairy’ £35


'The Green Shoes' 72dpi

‘The Green Shoes’ £35


'Spring' 72dpi

‘Spring’ £40


'Shadowy FF' 72dpi

‘Shadowy Flower Fairy’ £35


'Shadow Portrait' 72dpi

‘Shadow Portrait’ £35


'MrTed' 72dpi

‘MrTed’ £45


'Monsterous Creature' 72dpi

‘Monsterous Creature’ £45


'Hanging II' 72dpi

‘Hanging II’ £35


'Hanging Humpty' 72dpi

‘Hanging Humpty’ £40


'Goth' 72dpi

‘Goth’ £27


'Golden Hanging' 72dpi

‘Golden Hanging’ £40


'Faceless Fairy' 72dpi

‘Faceless Fairy’ £35


'Delicious' 72dpi

‘Delicious’ £35


'Coming Ready or Not' dpi

‘Coming Ready or Not’ £40


'Beautiful Blue Flower Fairy' 72dpi

‘Beautiful Blue Flower Fairy’ £40


WEBDOLLCrochet Doll

‘Crochet Doll’ £35



WEBDOLLCornish Peg Fairy

‘Cornish Peg Fairy’ £35



‘Scary Clown Child’ £35


'BadRabbits' 72dpi

‘Bad Haughty-taughty Rabbits had Forty Naughty Habits’ £45


'A Streetgang Named Desire' 72dpi

‘A Streetgang Named Desire’ £37


'A Streetgang Named Desire (detail)' 72dpi

‘A Streetgang Named Desire (detail)’ £35



Still Life & Landscape


'Simone's Daffodils' 72dpi

‘Simone’s Daffodils’ £35


'Ruby' 72dpi

‘Ruby’ image size: 12.4cm x 12.6cm; size incl. mount: 25cm x 28cm £35


'Blue Tit' 72dpi

‘Blue Tit’ £35



‘Derbyshire III’ £40


WEBSLStone Heart

‘Stone Heart’ £35


WEBSLShell of my Heart

‘Shell of my Heart’ £35



‘Victorian Pineapple’ £45



‘Embo II’ £40



‘Embo I’ £40


WEBSLA Bowlful of Cherries

‘A Bowlful of Cherries’ £35



‘Roses’ £45



‘Poinsettia’ £35



‘Epitaph’ £35


WEBSLButter Dish

‘Butter Dish’ £35


WEBSLBorthwick Cup

‘Borthwick Cup’ £35




'When Your Face Wore Its Natural Expression' 72dpi

‘When Your Face Wore Its Natural Expression’ £40


'Curled Figure' 72dpi

‘Curled Figure’ £35


'The Negotiation'

‘The Negotiation’ image size: 12.5cm x 10cm; size incl. mount: 25.5cm x 27.5cm £35

‘Enough’ £35


‘Leaving’ £35




‘Red Room’ £35



‘Do I Look Like Audrey Hepburn?’ £25



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